Supporting Mental Health Today

Today’s Challenging Environment


Pre-recorded course divided into 3 x 40 minutes modules. Including a 40 minute therapy session with an experienced therapist to relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

There has never been a more important time to offer employees support with their mental health.

The current restrictions and isolation due to COVID-19 are putting a strain on everyone’s mental wellbeing.   

We can provide you with a 3-part solution to support staff and give them strategies to cope with the challenges they are currently facing due to Covid-19.

The course will address:

Part 1 Understanding and Awareness of mental health issues

 Anxiety and Depression along with recognising and dealing with stress through building resilience.

 Part 2 Supporting your team – listening techniques and resources.

Addressing changes made to the way we communicate– including isolating and digital. Learning skills to notice signs and signals of distress in ourselves and others and how to have supporting conversations particularly when working away from home.

 Part 3 Self-help strategies and looking after your mental wellbeing.

Activities and exercises with a trained and experienced coach/therapist, how to keep yourself mentally safe and learn some coping mechanisms for addressing any mental health issues experienced particularly during the covid-19 crisis, individually or to help others. Covering working at home/away from home, loss, finance, family distancing, furlough, health worries and more. There will be a link to access all the activities and exercises on completion of the course.

The Benefits Of This Course For Your Organisation

  • Our pre-recorded course is flexible – to fit around all employees’ schedules.
  • Inclusive for all employees or sectors.
  • The team leading the course have over 18 years of experience working in Mental Health – delivering training courses, counselling, coaching, therapy and behavioural studies.

The course will be available after completion of the live interactive courses – Mental Health Awareness and Strategies for Stress in the Workplace and can be shared with all your employees and sectors immediately. They will have the choice to participate at their leisure and fitting around their schedule. Each part must be completed in order and in full to gain the benefits of the information and strategies within the course.

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